The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Local 369    Louisville, Kentucky

369 Updates

May meeting the 23rd, 7 pm.
New Lexington address-533 Buck PLACE 40511
Softball Wednesday May 25 @ 6:30. St. Helens Field
Local 369 Election of Officers-Saturday June 4. 9 am – 6 pm. 4315 Preston Highway 40213

Local 369 was chartered over 100 years ago with only 15 members.  It now is over 2600 members strong representing workers in all aspects of the electrical industry, including construction, utility, maintenance, manufacturing, broadcasting and more.

As union members, we bargain collectively with our employers over wages, benefits, and rights.  Most of us have very limited bargaining power as one person, but as a group, we are strong. And, with a good negotiated contract, we have legal protections we would not have otherwise.


Charlie Essex
business manager/financial secretary
John Tally
Kevin Kazunas
Paul Deom
recording secretatry
Ron Grisham

executive board

“Electric” Bob Bartsch
Leslie Ryan
Recording Secretary
Jay Wood
Rita Wood
Steve Peters
Greg Mudd
Paul Bell, III

examining board

Tony Heiskell
Eddie Morrison
Scott Partin
Mark J. Wakefield
Kevin Simms

building corporation

Tom Weber
Dennis Sells

“IBEW Local 369 is committed to
the advancement of the Wages,
Benefits, and Working Conditions
of all Electrical Workers!”

Upcoming Events


IBEW Local #369 member and LEJATC Instructor Andrew Rolfe through a letter writing campaign has garnered support for an Amendment to the Kentucky Homestead Tax Exemption Act. Current provisions of this act do nothing to help partially Disabled Veterans or Law Enforcement Officers. Thinking or the number of Veterans who have returned home with significant injury not included in the Homestead Exemption’s provisions, Brother Rolfe took up the pen contacting any and all who would listen. If this issue is something that you can step up to support please call the Kentucky Legislative Message Line 1-800-372-7181. Leave your contact info and request support for SB95 to amend the Homestead Exemption. Please don’t let this die, make the call today. To take it a step farther, please share 16RS/SB95 via Social Media.


Legislative proposal


Message Line Numbers




Andrew Rolfe


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